By André Martel
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By André Martel

By André Martel

André Martel is a multidisciplinary artist whose disciplines are graphic design and playful illustration. André is a master of lines who believes in the strength of a good sketch and that a simple line drawn by mistake can reveal a masterpiece in itself! This pop artist draws his inspiration from his childhood memories, the 80s, popular culture and comics to create a collection of thematic doodles where fairies, knights and monsters come to life.


Here is how Andre describes his journey:

As a child, I loved to draw

I always had a pencil in hand for my family and friends

Early on I started drawing comics

I studied graphic design

Had the time of my life!

Traveled to Belgium: Internship In Comics

Had the time of my life!

Worked as an illustrator for 2 years

Crossed over to the dark side: working for a multinational company.

16 years of living the "big life" as a "big shot. Trips and fame, etc.

I was doing well for myself but had forgotten my true self.

Became an illustrator

Finally found myself.